Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Delta del Llobregat Beach (Eurovegas Go Home)

A Natural reserve

Natural Park Entrance Plate.

Airport below

The Delta of Llobregat beach is pretty close to Barcelona city, driving there will take about 30 minutes in normal conditions. It's actually in the south, right beside the airport 'El Prat' on the way to Castelldefels&Sitges. The fact that it is fairly inaccessable and because there aren't the typical leisure facilities like bars, restaurants, shops etc... has kept this little oasis extremly calm and relaxed during the last few decades. It remains, without a doubt, one of our favourite beaches for its proximity, and lack of tourism [and annoying summer crowds].
Beach from Tower

The Llobregat river finishes his journey here, and right on its last meters we can find our Delta, which is also been a natural reserve for hundreds of different birds for years and years maybe centuries?. Mother nature is smart, here the river dies, but yet it brings so much life....And believe it or not, the waters are clean! This surprises me as not only is it so close to a big city, but the Llobregat River goes through multiple Industrial estates. Its also a bit bizarre to find the airport so close [I sometimes wonder who had the bright idea], but in spite of all of this, it is, indeed, a beautiful place.
River walk

We know about this place because one of our mates, Mario, has always been very interested by birds [The small furry ones, that is!]. He used to go there to observe them [there are some small observatory towers where you can watch them]. So I guess he accidentally found the place. You need to walk from the car park all the way from the river shore to the sea, which is a great way to enjoy the peaceful view. There are security guards on duty in the reserve too, and I think they shut the entrance after 8pm now, so no chance to get in there by car at night.

Jordi and Layla

My friends like to go to the beach after tea time, around 6:30-7:00 if possible. The beaches are less busy, and obviously because you have to be very brave [or stupid] to go there earlier. The sun is too strong, and year after year it is worse for the skin, even for us locals who are dark skin coloured for the most part.
Jordi Sunset

Only a 20 minute walk from the Delta there used to be a couple of small low budget camping sites, shrouded by pine tree forests and placed very close to the beach [See bottom of the pics]. Both had really crappy names: 'El Toro Bravo' [The Brave Bull'] and 'La Ballena Alegre' [The Happy Whale']. When I was a kid they were there already. We use to go to get cold beers from a vending machine. One of the camping sites is still open, but not for long I'm afraid, as the Barcelona Council policy is trying to shut them all down. . The others are already gone and this is the last one that still survives.

Kyte surf Beach
A bit further down the coast we can find Gavá and Castelldefels, places that enjoyed the rise and popularity of the 60's and also went through a period of decadence on the late 70's and 80's. These days are property prices are going mad, in other words, it is a place just for the rich. That's the way this life is.

On the last year we had a bunch of teens coming to 'Llobregat Delta' to practice 'Kyte Board', which seems is increasing its popularity amongst the youth. The first time I saw that amazing sport was in Dominican Republic about 5 years ago, 'Sosua Beach' apparently one of the best beaches in the world for such activity, and it seems that now it has finally come to Europe. They don't bother me much really, not like other noisy motor water sports.

Two tears ago there was a great 4 day festival in the campsite with Djs and MCs. Some Britons came to the event, mostly from Manchester, my friend Kwasi Asante and Woody AKA 'The Nudge' were there on the bill, even Bez, the bloke from 'The Happy Mondays'. It was a fantastic time.

There are apparent rumours that a 4th Airport lane is going to be made where the actual reserve is, and also there are projects to make Casinos, restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets etc etc .. The project will be known as EUROVEGAS. That would be a tragedy to be honest.

What the fuck are they doing to our city?

First la Barceloneta [The old fisherman quarter] with all its traditional 'Chiringuitos' gone, then the outregous Olimpic Village for the games in '92, and last and least the 'Forum' area near Badalona who has changed completly Barcelona Skyline.
Concrete instead of sand. Crap
We dont want to look like Miami, we are Mediterranean.

The price of modernity?. This are the new times?
I don't buy it.
We will keep going to the Delta Beach, as we always used to do. Its our best kept secret.
And I really hope they never change it.


New Forum area [The price of Modernity]:

You can see the area on the photo, on the left of the airport:

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